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11 Do’s and Don’ts Before Baking Cakes With Edible Flowers or Laces

Flowers and lace have always been a way to add elegance to anything that needs decoration. Have you ever thought about cakes? The cakes today are decorated with flowers and lace. If you’re ready to bake a cake and need to know how to add sweet treats like flowers and lace, we’ve got the right guide for you!Also Read – 5 Food Trends to Watch in 2022

Cakes since 2020 have focused on glamour, color and intricate decorations. This trend is here to stay. The fastest way to decorate cakes is to make flowers with sugarpaste or special sugarpaste available. Lace is something that has passed many fads over the decades and has remained a hit! Imagine being able to create beautiful edible lace in minutes, better yet being able to decorate your cakes with it! Cake laces are available in a range of colors and these come in the form of ready made pastes. All you have to do is spread them out on your lace carpet and wait for the magic to happen. Edible laces can be baked or air dried depending on how much time you have. You can even bake and save them for a later occasion, this will always give you an extra edge for last minute cake orders. Also Read – 5 Kitchen-Friendly Foods That Can Help Improve Physical and Mental Health

Another quick way to give a lace pattern is to use an impression rolling pin – it allows you to create beautiful patterns from swirls to diamonds to hearts and a cutter can create ruffles and frills. scalloped edges. Read also – Dietary advice: here are 6 nutritional facts about pistachios

When it comes to decorating your cakes with fondant flowers or lace, many things can affect how they look. Here is a quick checklist of do’s and don’ts-

  1. Don’t start decorating your cake with flowers and lace when it’s hot.
  2. Make sure the cake has been chilled in the refrigerator but chilled to room temperature, otherwise your flowers and laces will absorb excess moisture due to the natural condensation created and melt.
  3. If you’re decorating your cakes with flowers made from colored icing, be sure not to use too much of it, some dark colors can leave a bitter aftertaste if left on too long.
  4. When it comes to making beautiful edible lace, use soft decorating tools or the lace will break or not come out of its mold.
  5. You should note that you should spread a thin layer of buttercream before adding lace or flowers to your cake.
  6. To bring color to your flowers and lace, be sure to use gel-based colors and not liquid colors because liquid colors make your decorations soft and sticky.
  7. Be sure to wear gloves before shaping your edible fondant flowers as they easily attract dirt and grit.
  8. If you are making edible flowers or lace through fondant, keep in mind that the fondant should not be too hard, if it is, then add about 1/8 teaspoon of water for 24 ounces of fondant to make it soft.
  9. If your fondant is too soft, add a small amount of icing sugar to help stiffen it.
  10. When accelerating your edible lace paste, make sure your mixture has no lumps.
  11. Use a palette knife to make sure you spread the lace evenly ensuring an even end result.

Of course, there are countless tips and tricks, but you can master the art of decoration, which requires practice. Intricate flowers and lace are a popular trend in cake decorations. Flowers can be tinted, flavored, molded and inscribed with stamps. While laces can be created using lace mats which are usually very thin and hardly need to be mixed to create lace. Those for fondant are thicker and wider. A little trick and you can almost anything and everything!

(Article written by chef Gaurmi Varma, owner and founder of Confect and G’s Patisserie)