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The fascinating 1901 Thomas Cook Guide to Scotland is 4,500 miles away in Colorado

[ad_1] A HOME cleanup in Colorado uncovered a Thomas Cook Travel Guide to Scotland – published in the year Queen Victoria died. The long-forgotten pamphlet, published 118 years ago, sheds a fascinating light on how Scotland sold itself to the world at the start of the Edwardian era. He says Edinburgh is “surpassed in beauty… […]

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Culinary recipe: Roasted carrots with Middle Eastern spices

[ad_1] Photograph courtesy of Lexi Harrison FFrom their West Bloomfield home, Lexi Harrison (left) and Beth Sinclair host artisanal meals that are as beautiful in their presentation as they are healthy. In a new series for Hour Detroit, Harrison and Sinclair accepted the challenge of creating mindful recipes that feature a local ingredient. This month, […]