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Roadside Kaalan Masala: A Very Popular Street Food Recipe From Coimbatore

[ad_1] Whenever someone talks about Tamil cuisine, the first dishes that come to their mind are searing idlis, dosas, soothing sambhar, and tangy chicken chettinad. But believe it or not, these staples are just a fraction of Tamil Nadu’s various regional culinary offerings. This cuisine is an amalgamation of generous, authentic and appetizing recipes. Plus, […]

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Sara Cox confesses she ate DOG from a “bucket of fried chicken” and didn’t realize it until she saw the elbow

[ad_1] SARA Cox revealed that she had already eaten DOG by accident – and only realized it after seeing the elbow. The 46-year-old was a model in South Korea at the time and happily slipped into a “sort of bucket of fried chicken” – not knowing it was actually a dog. 3 Sara Cox has […]

Food recipe

Curry crisps? Viral Food Recipe Leaves Desi Twitter With Bad Taste

[ad_1] The lockdown has seen the internet inundated with some of the weirdest food recipes that have made internet users cringe every now and then. From idli chai to dosa topped with pizza, desis have continued to entertain the internet with their particular dining experiences. In another recent example, a Facebook user called “Kolkata Food […]

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How To Fight Covid Brain Fog With Food: Advice From A Psychiatrist

[ad_1] Brain fog has become one of the most frustrating effects of “long COVID-19”, Persisting for weeks and months after the first symptoms of the coronavirus disappear. Patients often report difficulty thinking or concentrating, feeling confused or tired, or having memory problems, which leaves them overwhelmed when trying to accomplish tasks at work or home […]