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Creamy Chicken Recipe: A Comforting 3-Ingredient French Recipe | Poultry

Chicken a la king lovers, do we have a chicken recipe you must try! Poulet à la crème (chicken with cream) is a French dish similar to our chicken a la king. It’s a classic comfort food made with chicken, cream and a little butter. With this easy cream chicken recipe, you have the […]

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Heatwave dietary advice for your family

Beer? Ice cream? Berries? Nutritionist shares what’s good and bad for us in the heat ATLANTA, Ga. (WDEF) – “We have a plate of salad and popcorn chicken.” “Four cases of Gatorade.” “Salad items, fruits. Lots of vegetables…” “Unknowingly step out with what their body needs most this summer. “13 cups of water for men […]

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Salmon Temperature Cooking Guide – Best Temperature to Cook Salmon

Do a quick search for the best salmon temperature and chances are you’ll see the big, bold number “145°F” right at the top of your search page. Unfortunately, cooking salmon at this temperature will ruin your fish, leaving it tasting tough and chewy, and quite tasteless. In truth, salmon is best cooked between 120°F and […]

Food recipe

This fagioli pasta is a comforting recipe that only takes a few seconds

I know you are aware of the tragedy in Texas and, like me, saddened beyond words. Yes, there are times in all of our lives that make us take a few steps back and realize that life is unpredictable and that every day given to us is a day to be grateful for. For me, […]

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General Tso’s Tofu Recipe: A Vegan Chinese Food Recipe from “BOSH! On a Budget” | vegan

This is our plant-based version of the classic Chinese takeaway dish, General Tso’s chicken. It is named after the statesman and military leader of the Oing dynasty, Tso Tsung-t’ang, although no one knows why as it seems unlikely that he ever tasted the dish, which is a shame. because it’s delicious! Crispy, sticky and […]