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3 Thermal Foods That Can Keep You Warm This Winter Season

Food tips to keep the body warm: The winter season has arrived and the unbearable cold too. Extreme weather conditions led to thicker jackets and warmer blankets. Even after wearing layers of clothing, it can be difficult to contain the heat in the body. Therefore, it is important to maintain heat in the body. This can happen with the help of a correct diet. Include foods that can generate heat from within to keep you warm inside.Also Read – Nutrition Suggests 3 Foods That Can Help Keep Hot Flashes At Bay

On Instagram, Pooja Makhija, a renowned nutritionist, talks about the same thing. The process to keep your body warm is thermogenesis. The caption read “And there are many more foods that work from within to raise body temperature.” Explaining what thermogenesis is, Pooja said: “In general, foods that take longer for your body to digest raise your body temperature more and therefore help you feel warmer. ” Also Read – World Obesity Day: 6 Best Ways To Avoid Obesity While Working From Home

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She talked about three foods that could keep you warm from the inside. The first food is ginger. She said: “Not only is it a great digestive aid, but also known as diaphoretic, which means it makes you feel warm from the inside out.”

The second food she talked about is red meat like pork, beef, mutton, etc. For this, Pooja said, “All of them have a high iron content. Iron helps carry oxygen throughout the body. She also talked about how hemoglobin levels drop during the winter season.

The third food she suggested was sweet potatoes. “All root vegetables take longer in your digestive system, producing more energy. Hence, helping you stay warm,” Pooja said.