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4 food tips to keep affordable this holiday season!


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Eat, drink, snack, repeat.
The typical Christmas gathering.

There is something very meaningful to come together around food, to celebrate with those you love. But it also costs money.

If the cost of Christmas is stressing you out this year, I have tried to help you with some Keep-It-Affordable Tips for Christmas. If you missed my Keep-It-Affordable Tips for Christmas gifts, you can read it here.

Below you will find 4 Keep-It-Affordable Food advice for the Holidays.

1) Make a budget

You might not like it, but the point is, when you step into a season like Christmas without a spending cap, you’re probably going to spend more than you should, and maybe more than you need to. have done. Find out what you can afford and stop spending.

2) plan your meals in advance

Write down any gatherings you will need to bring or prepare food for. Plan what to bring / pack and write a detailed shopping list.

If you’re the host, a potluck is a great way to keep costs down, and most guests would be happy to bring a side dish. It’s also a lot less work than preparing the whole meal. Christmas is stressful enough.

If you are attending a potluck, don’t feel bad about choosing to bring the rolls and cola over the ham and wine if money is tight.

3) stick to your grocery list

This is a year-round rule, as food is one of the biggest monthly expenses for a household, and impulse errands are one of the biggest money spends.

With all the new goodies available around Christmas and the extra snacks that happen during the holidays, this rule becomes even more important. Create a shopping list and stick to it.

An easy way to avoid impulse buying is to order online. It will also allow you to track your costs as you create your order online, helping you stay on budget.

4) Shop the exterior walkways

The chips, candy, and chocolate are all very tasty, but I recommend shopping the outside aisles, even for snacks.

Now it can be said that the snacks available in the outer aisles (fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese) will cost more, but I disagree.

Buying a bag of apples and oranges and yogurt for dipping, or a bag of carrots and celery, and ranch dressing for dipping will cost the same as a few bags of treats. In addition, the snacks in the outdoor aisles are healthier and more filling. So in addition to limiting sugar spikes, you should also keep your costs down, as people will likely eat less.

What are your “stay affordable” food tips for the Christmas season?


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