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5 Ayurvedic dietary tips to improve eye health

With working from home and online classes, our screen time has increased dramatically. The pandemic has digitized everything but also put a lot of strain on the eyes. It is essential to practice eye exercises, wear glasses that reduce exposure to blue light and have regular eye checks. With the right kind of food, you can avoid eye problems.Also Read – 8 Steps To Take To Boost Immunity If Your Child Tests Positive For Covid-19

On Instagram, Ayurveda expert Dr. Aiswarya Santhosh shared tips on how to take care of your eyes. Aiswarya suggested foods like ghee, amla, raisins, mineral salts and triphala. These are good for eye health and sight. Also Read – 5 Superfoods to Keep Track of Thyroid Health

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  • Having Triphala powder mixed with ghee and uneven quality honey at night is very good for eye health
  • Amla is loaded with a high percentage of Vitamin C, almost 20 times more than Orange. Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining retinal cells and also in promoting healthy capillaries.
  • Amla is chaksushya in nature, which means very good for the eyes. Amla is very good especially in diabetic retinopathy conditions.
  • Rock salt is the only salt that is good for eye health. So using more rock salt in cooking helps maintain good eye health.
  • The polyphenol phytonutrients in raisins help scavenge free radicals that damage vision and cause eye muscle degeneration. This helps to improve vision and overall vision health.
  • Raisins are very pitta balancing in nature.
  • As Netra (eye) is a pitta sthana, the use of raisins helps in maintaining good eye health.
  • Honey – Good honey is of chaksushya quality, which means it is very good for eye health.
  • Taking normal plain ghee according to your digestive power is good for the eyes. There are many specially formulated medicated ghee for eye health in Ayurveda.