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5 superfoods to keep hypertension at bay

Dietary advice: Hypertension is one of the most common lifestyle diseases in India. It is often known as the silent killer disease. When the blood pressure reaches a high level, the person is prone to cardiac arrest or stroke.Also Read – Holi Food Recipes: Experiment With These 5 Summer Coolers This Holi

With the hectic life and demanding work schedules, everyone is under a significant level of stress. The pandemic has further aggravated stress levels due to working from home, leading to longer working hours. Read also – Holi 2022: try this easy-to-make ice cream this holiday, recipe inside

Hypertension refers to a condition where the long-term force of blood is unusually high against the artery walls, leading to several other diseases over time, notes Sharanya S Shastry, a dietitian at Apollo Spectra Hospital in Bangalore. Also Read – 5 Tips for a Healthy and Cool Guide to a Hot Summer

Regular headaches, nosebleeds and shortness of breath are some symptoms of high blood pressure, these are not specific to hypertension and only occur when blood pressure is at a severely increased level, explains the expert.

According to Shastry, including a few foods in the daily diet can help manage hypertension because these foods have medicinal properties. Here are some super foods for high blood pressure:

This delicious fruit contains antioxidants and bioactive polyphenols, which have many beneficial medicinal qualities for hypertension. One can simply include a bowl of fresh fruit as a mid-morning snack.

High blood pressure can cause narrowing of blood vessels, and this fruit contains potassium, which is good for muscles. Apart from being a miracle fruit for hypertension, jamun fruit is also good for managing high cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

It’s a go-to superfood for Olympians because it contains natural nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide by the digestive system. A glass of raw beetroot juice or a cooked beetroot vegetarian dish can significantly reduce high blood pressure levels within 2-3 hours of consumption.

Garlic has been known for centuries for its medicinal properties because it produces a natural compound called allicin when crushed or minced. It can lower blood pressure instantly and is an excellent option to add to the daily dietary intake of hypertensive patients.

The leaves and seeds are rich in fiber, calcium and they reduce the level of LDL/TG in the body, which leads to lower blood pressure. Hence, include methi seeds in your tadka or a methi paratha in your diet.

Foods proven to help maintain healthy blood pressure. A combination of these and a moderate level of daily physical activity can significantly help manage hypertension. When working from home, try to create a sleep routine that gives the body plenty of time to restart and reset.

While waiting for this pandemic to pass, it is imperative that health becomes paramount in order to strengthen immunity and combat the consequences of the virus.

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