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5 Ways to Eat Smart During Wedding Season and Control Your Weight


Wedding season: The wedding season is on and we all intend to devour several types of delicacies. Saying no to your favorite food is heartbreaking. Even workouts and physical activities take a back seat.Also Read – Men’s Fashion Tips: How To Look Cool And Stylish This Wedding Season

When it comes to maintaining your weight during wedding season, it can be difficult at times, but with the right amount of food and the right choices, anything can be held in place. Sharing her personal ideas on how to maintain our weight during winter wedding season, Sakshi Bakshi, Founder of Nucros, has some tips for all those health enthusiasts! Also Read – 5 Glamorous Outfit Ideas For Indian Bridesmaids For Every Wedding Ceremony

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Always make sure to keep it light the day before a strenuous night out. This means incorporating as many complex carbohydrates as possible, to keep hunger under control for a long time while being low in calories. Fruits and vegetables in the form of salads, soups, smoothies, etc. should be the priority. Stay away from high-fat soups made with heavy cream and instead indulge in soups with lots of vegetables.

Choose lean protein

When eating out, try to consume as much hot and heated food as possible during the winter season. An intake of lean proteins, for example, paneer, soybeans, dal, etc., for vegetarians and fish, chicken, etc., for non-vegetarians is advised.

Balance calories

Stick to an easy breakfast and lunch that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. So even if the dinner is heavy, the calorie intake for the whole day is maintained as breakfast and lunch balance each other out. Eat a small meal before going out so you don’t binge.

Eat in small amounts

At parties or if you are organizing a buffet, use a small quarter of a plate, which gives you more control over the quantity. So even if you make 2-3 trips to the buffet, it helps control the portions you eat.

Stay hydrated

A very important piece of advice that she shares is to stay during the dry winter season. Often, we are not aware of our level of thirst in this dry season, which can adversely affect our health and cause problems such as headaches, intestinal problems, skin problems, etc. Drink at least one glass of water per hour – about 12 to 16 glasses of water per day. If you go out and drink alcohol, she recommends that you drink a glass of water alternately with a glass and only drink 2-3 glasses of clear alcohol with water to control calories.

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