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A simple guide to the Christmas snack


Santa is always getting cookies, but what about his loyal reindeer? While a carrot on the plate might have been enough for generations, social media obsessed millennial parents have led to an increase in “reindeer food” – usually an oatmeal recipe that is sprinkled on the top. lawn and accompanied by a magic poem to obtain. the children are delighted with the arrival of rudolph and co.

First, assemble all of your ingredients including, but not limited to, oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.Ali rosen

What is reindeer food?

The origins of this tradition are decidedly recent, but its popularity has exploded in recent years. Artisanal food stores sell reindeer food, Etsy is full of reindeer food bags and labels, and you can even order the snack on Amazon.

Then combine all your ingredients in a bowl.Ali rosen

But this year, as everyone searches for ways to make Christmas special, reindeer food is particularly appealing. Why? Well, reindeer food packages are easier to send than cookies for family and friends who you can’t physically be with; it offers children stuck at home a creative activity that does not include a screen; the mix can be as sweet or as healthy as any family wants.

Then pour the mixture into whatever container you want, such as mason jars or cellophane bags.Ali rosen

How to make reindeer food

To prepare your own reindeer food you just need a recipe and then something to store the food. Recipes vary from healthy, edible oats and spices to more whimsical glitter concoctions. Since reindeer food is a new tradition, there is no right or wrong way to prepare it, except to be sure that if you use sprinkles and sprinkle them on the outside, this are edible flakes. Because whether you believe in Dasher and Dancer or not, birds and bugs will definitely eat anything that gets sprinkled on it and it’s definitely not in the Christmas spirit to harm wildlife.

Ali rosen

The simplest (and healthiest) reindeer food recipe is muesli – perfect for real animals – and whatever you have left can be eaten by humans with yogurt or milk for a little one. -healthy lunch on Christmas morning. The oats are always in the center, then adding a little green with pistachios and red with dried cranberries gives a festive feel. Adding sliced ​​almonds and sunflower seeds gives a little extra crunch, but items like raisins, coconut, chocolate chips, flax seeds, or dried fruit would also work great. Top it off with holiday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, and you’ve got the perfect treat to eat at home or share with friends and family.

Finally, create labels that include a poem explaining the purpose of the reindeer food.Ali rosen

poems about reindeer food

To make your reindeer food a gift, you can put it in cellophane bags or mason jars. Print or draw labels with an instructional poem explaining the purpose of reindeer food. There are a lot of variations on the poem, but one that pops up often is this:

Sprinkle that reindeer food out tonight,

Moonlight will make it shine.

As reindeer fly and wander,

This will guide them to your home.

It’s the year of all years to create new traditions – so why not sprinkle some magic (in the form of a healthy snack) into your vacation?

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