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An excellent comforting recipe for the whole family

Summer has arrived and the fish is fresher than ever. There are many ways to prepare your favorite fish, but sometimes you want something simple and comforting. Our Smoked Fish Pie is ideal for chilly spring evenings and gives you another way to add healthy fish to your plate. This creamy recipe, topped with lovely mashed potatoes, is an old-fashioned recipe with a modern twist.

Tips for Smoked Fish Pie

You can get deboned and smoked fish from your local butcher so you don’t have to. When thickening the sauce, it is much like preparing a white sauce, also called Bechamel, a creamy French sauce made with flour, butter and milk. However, you can use the poaching liquid instead of the milk which will have a lot of flavor. When you’ve added the mashed potatoes, score it with a fork all over so you have crispy potato chunks for texture.

Looking for comfort food with a twist? Our Smoked Fish Pie is a combination of fantastic smoky flavors and crispy potatoes for the whole family.

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