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With staycations the holiday trend this summer, many Britons have gone camping. On social networks, Internet users share tips for making a camping trip as successful as possible. And while tricks like glow sticks for optimal lighting have been widely shared, there is another area that seems to be obsessing people.

A very practical tip was shared for the best camping breakfast.

Someone wrote, “Crack eggs in a pourable dispenser before you go and it’s so much easier than dealing with cracked eggs or taking up fridge space with the carton!”

Other users were fans, with one claiming the tip was “awesome.”

Most of social media seemed obsessed with camping food and it’s not hard to see why.


While staying outdoors is a fantastic vacation option, it also requires some adaptability around meal times.

Without access to all the usual cooking facilities, campers have to get creative.

For the best enjoyment at meal times, the tips came thick and quick.

One person said, “Stakes to keep your tablecloth from blowing up. “

Meal prep was also a popular hack.

One user wrote: “Make meals that are easy to reheat. Like chili etc. So much easier.

Breakfast was widely discussed.

Besides the eggs poured into a dispenser, coffee and tea were also useful.

One user said, “Whole milk powder for morning tea in the bush. Weightless and almost as good as fresh.

Another wrote: “Instant coffee in oatmeal. Tastes disgusting but saves you from boiling water twice.


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