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Exploring the great outdoors on a camping trip is a fantastic way to enjoy the country. With many Brits choosing to stay in the UK this summer, camping has seen a resurgence and has become a trend.

While camping vacations are a great way to get back to nature, what are people doing for food?

Campers answered this same question on social media and shared tips for a successful camping trip.

Keeping food cool while camping can be a problem, but Facebook users have a few helpful tips.

Sandra Taylor wrote, “Freeze food before you go and wrap it in newspaper when you take it out of the freezer.

“It should be fine for a few days, ie cooked bacon, sausage, chicken.”

“Then just put on a curry sauce or something the same day. “

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Wendy Coggins Hughes said, “Anything you want to keep cool, put it in a bowl of cold water in the shade, in plastic bins.

“You can also get canned curry / chilli and boil in the bag rice, cup soups, potted noodles, canned potatoes, corned beef, hot dogs and baby food. breads. “

Jean Heath said: “Use a cooler with small bottles of frozen water. It lasts a few days then buy ice packs when the water melts. Keeps things cool for a few more days.

“Just put the food in sealable bags and use the ice while it melts for drinks.”


Rachael Grant wrote: “If you put your cooler in a roasting pan with water and put cold wet napkins on top, the ice stays cooler longer and you have lots of zippered bags for that. food is not wet in the cooler. . “

Talulah Bankhead said: “I received a few lunch boxes from Tesco. The kind that has the money in it to keep things really cool. I keep my milk and butter in there, then use the underside of the car as a shade.

Another option, of course, is not to cook anything.

With so many ready meals available, why not make the most of it and cook dinner from store bought items?

Ruth Long said: “Another option is to buy ready-made chicken and bagged salad and coleslaw. This made tea easy. Add a French stick and has always been a hit.

For easy camping cooking, prep is everything.

Campers also shared how they pre-cook things to take with them on their adventures.

Crystal Walker said: “One of my favorite camping tips is to prepare what I can eat at home.

“Skewers are great for camping, I cut all of our meat and vegetables at home, freeze them in bags, that way I can just take them out of the cooler and anyone can put whatever they want. on theirs, and I don’t have to cut camping stuff.

“Pre-mix the pancake mix in bags, beat the eggs and put them in a small pot, bring powdered milk in a bag, so all you have to do is toss it all together for a little- quick lunch. “

Ruth Long said, “I used to have an instant hot chocolate drink (add boiling water), a box of long lasting ice cream and marshmallows for the kids in the evening. They always loved it.

And Allen Campbell wrote, “I put popcorn kernels in a water bottle. Add the oil. Then when I’m ready to make popcorn. I just pour into a hot pot.

Sara Mellor Frazier said, “The beer butter chicken is excellent too! Melt butter, add a can of beer, salt / pepper / garlic, chicken thighs… put in a Tupperware or a marinating bag until ready to eat!


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