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Sainsbury’s Launches Plant-Based Smokey BBQ and Spicy Sriracha Chicken Style Bites, New to Squeaky Bean® – Retail Times

The country’s favorite plant-based kitchen sidekick, Squeaky Bean, is launching his chicken-style bites in Sainsbury’s, to help fight food cravings across the country. Available in two varieties, Smokey BBQ and Spicy Sriracha, the bites will give meatless food lovers the chance to bite into spicier and punchier breaded snacks that are more than just a […]

Nando’s Launches “Great Imitator” Peri Peri Chicken Style Hamburger Without Meat or Dairy

Nando’s today launched a meat- and dairy-free version of its burgers and chicken sandwiches – although strictly speaking, it can’t call its vegan “big imitator”. Great Imitator Peri-Peri-Infused Pea Protein launches in Nando restaurants across the UK on Tuesday, October 13. The plant-based chicken alternative – served in four strips – comes in hamburger, pittas, […]

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