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Chef Asif Qureshi shares food tips for Ramadan

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New Delhi – Good food is the perfect recipe for all occasions. As Muslims around the world fast and pray from dawn to dusk, eating healthy during this time is just as important as any other activity for thinking clearly.

Chef Asif Qureshi, seen in the Season 2 premiere of Zee Cafe’s Chef Vs Fridge, speaks to IANSlife.

Q: What makes Ramadan food unique to you?

A: Ramadan food is special because every item on the elaborate platter is home-cooked. There are multiple dishes with varieties for everyone. The food looks like Allah’s blessing during the holy month.

Q: During Ramadan, Muslims around the world refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. What foods are best for staying healthy and nourished while fasting?

A: Nihari and Haleem are great options to keep you energized throughout the day. Hard-boiled eggs and dates also help. Also include drinks like sharbat ruhafza, milk and lassi. These help to hydrate the body and also give needed energy throughout the day.

Q: What special menus have you created so far for this special occasion?

A: This time, I have prepared an elaborate platter that includes fruit chaat, homemade chicken curry, egg curry, biryani and nihari, as they can suffice the needs of people who are fasting for the day. These are the tasty and healthy options.

Q: Could you share a quick and easy recipe for someone who is always on the go?

A: For people in a hurry, you can always try fruit or vegetable sandwiches, as they are easy to prepare and healthy. You can also opt for an omelet. Fruit and vegetable salad also helps.

Q: You demonstrated excellent skills on the show. Do you think professional chefs doing reality TV shows are a trend?

A: Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 has a unique concept where, unlike other Indian cooking shows, professional chefs compete with each other for the title of “Culinary Champion of the Day”. There are multiple challenges by the judges and the chiller boss. There was an adrenaline rush throughout that hour as I prepared the plate. The show is also loved and appreciated by the audience and after the episode on air, I also received several messages and calls appreciating my work. Therefore, I think this genre has a chance to become big. (IANS)