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‘Cincinnati Cooks’ Facebook page shares recipes and cooking tips from local chefs and home cooks

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Photo: Cincinnati Cooks Facebook group // Brett Valls

Brett Valls, a local designer and moderator of the Cincinnati Cooks Facebook group, emailed us here at CityBeat to tell us about her page – something I didn’t personally know about and which seems to be a very useful resource for home cooks trying to come up with recipe ideas while staying safe at home. So consider this a public service announcement for anyone stuck in a food rut.

Cincinnati Cooks is “a group for home cooks or catering professionals to learn and share dishes and recipes with Cincinnati residents.” According to Valls, it’s “an ad-free, positive-vibes-only community of chefs and home cooks who learn to cook, share what they’ve made, or (normally) invite others to eat. “.

Scroll through the posts and find photos of delicious and sometimes weird dishes (e.g. what looks like Chef Boyardee’s spaghetti and meatball calzone) plus questions, answers and recipes from posters .

Valls said he created the group in 2017.

“All my life I’ve loved cooking programming, but it wasn’t really until three years ago that I started learning to cook and cooking more seriously. I started reading a lot more books and enjoying great recipe content online to make me a better home chef. I was sharing a lot on my own Facebook profile, but I felt inspired to create a Facebook group where I could keep a journal and invite others to do the same,” he said in his email.

The group currently has nearly 2,000 members and three rules:

  1. Never make fun of anyone’s dish! If you have constructive feedback to give, that’s great, just be polite.
  2. Don’t make fun of or question anyone’s diet. Keep negative opinions to yourself.
  3. Give more than you take from this group. Self-promotion, recruiting, spamming and irrelevant links are not allowed.

Valls said: “When the reality of the outbreak set in, on March 16, I posted a call to action to those on my own stream and within the group to share the group with others. because i thought we were entering a period in history where we are likely to cook at home which we have done for years and since that happened last week i have seen a huge influx of new members, posts, recipes shared and positive reinforcement.”

You can join the group or just scroll.