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Curry crisps? Viral Food Recipe Leaves Desi Twitter With Bad Taste

The lockdown has seen the internet inundated with some of the weirdest food recipes that have made internet users cringe every now and then. From idli chai to dosa topped with pizza, desis have continued to entertain the internet with their particular dining experiences. In another recent example, a Facebook user called “Kolkata Food Trotters” posted a recipe for “curry chips” which shows a few chips dipped in a yellow curry topped with chili peppers.

The caption read: “Curry chips, my own concept”. The image quickly went viral on Twitter and drew many nasty comments.

Sharing the image, the popular “Gabbar Singh” Twitter page wrote: “At least 14 years of rigorous imprisonment for this murder confession.” Netizens quickly went to the comments section to express their shock and frustration at this strange sight.

While it’s okay to try new things, you wouldn’t really want to experiment with cult foods like Crisps or Maggi. Agree? Well, if you agree with us, this video experimenting with ‘Maggi laddoo’ might freak you out, as it has a lot of social media users in April.

The multiple Maggi laddoo recipes shared online come with a sweet and spicy variation. The sweet is made with crushed jaggery, butter and cardamom powder heated in a pan, after which raw crushed Maggi noodles are added. This mixture is then made into laddoo balls.

Earlier, another bizarre food combination blew people away – Maggie with makki roti! As soon as the post was shared, netizens turned to the comments section to flood a wave of reactions, mostly unfavorable.

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