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Double Cooked Chinese Pork – Restaurant Level Food – Recipe


There are many ways to prepare twice cooked pork. The homemade versions will have you simmering sliced ​​pork (usually with the skin on the pork belly) in a seasoned liquid until tender, before sautéing the meat with veggies, while in the restaurant, the chefs start it. dish with char siu (Chinese grilled pork) or siu yuk (Chinese roast pork with crispy skin).

I prefer the restaurant version, especially with siu yuk (char siu is too sweet). While this method is more expensive – you have to buy the meat from a Chinese roasting pan – it has the advantage of being faster to prepare because you don’t need to boil the pork first. I like to make twice-cooked pork with lots of veg, using the meat as a flavor rather than the main part of the dish.

The amount of potted chili sauce you use depends on your heat tolerance, as well as the brand. Check the ingredient list: Avoid those that contain soy or black beans (which are chili bean sauces) and use the coarse textured type that contains chopped chili peppers, garlic, oil and maybe be soy sauce and sugar. You will need to adjust the amount of soy sauce and sugar (which balances the heat of the chili) you add, depending on the chili sauce you are using.

Use collard greens, which retain its crispy texture when sautéed, not Savoy cabbage or Chinese cabbage, which have softer leaves that wilt too much in the heat.

Choose a piece of siu yuk with a nice layer of fat; do not use the breast, which is too dry.