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Dragon Quest Builders 2: List of Food Recipe Levels


Culinary recipes that you create in Dragon Quest Builders 2 have different properties that separate them into different levels. Some recipes are well balanced, while others are better to help you in specific battles. This is something that many players don’t realize, but it can be a game-changer, especially during a boss fight.

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It’s important to understand the different levels and which food recipes give you the biggest boost for each. Your game will change when you start to understand the levels of cooking recipes in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Decrease hunger

Hunger percentage in Dragon Quest Builders 2

One of the levels common to all recipes is decreased hunger, as each food has an effect on this aspect of your character. Some are terrible and only decrease it by five or ten percent, which beginners should all know, but others will almost completely reduce your hunger.

The best foods you can eat for hunger relief are:

  • Meat Mountain (100)

  • Best Bouillabaisse (75)

  • Cheeseburger (75)

  • Goregasbord (80)

  • Spectacular Soldier Stew (80)

  • Spectacular Sailor Stew (75)

Increase HP

HP bar in Dragon Quest Builders 2

When entering a fight with monsters, you will often take damage that can decrease your HP, especially when you complete the quest titled Sowing the Seeds of Success.

Fortunately, there are foods to help you regenerate it, but these foods are often lacking when it comes to reducing your hunger. You need to equip it before big monster fights so you can boost your health in a flash.

The best food recipes to increase your HP include:

  • Chop Sticky (35)

  • Delicious Salad (25)

  • Gourmet salad (25)

Attack on top

Monster battle in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Food recipes that increase your attack all raise it to the same level, and the same goes for any recipe that gives you an advantage. However, the difference comes into play when looking at health and hunger statistics. Attack Up is great when entering a fight as it will allow you to do more damage per hit.

Here are the best food recipes (Hunger / HP) that give you the Attack Up advantage:

  • Spectacular steak (40/5)

  • Sticky steak (30/10)

  • Superior Steak (35/5)

  • Pan-fried steak (30/5)

Defense up

Taking damage in Dragon Quest Builders 2

The defense advantage will allow you to conserve more of your health when taking a hit when fighting monsters. It’s great when you face super powerful monsters that can kill you with one hit.

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The best food recipes (Hunger / HP) that give you the Defense Up advantage are as follows:

  • Thinnest fish stick (35/5)

  • Thin fish stick (30/5)

  • Fish stick (25/5)

  • Cooked crab claw (20/10)

Upward destruction

Using a mallet in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Destruction Up might seem like it helps you against monsters, but it’s actually for gathering resources. When you eat foods that give you this advantage, it will allow you to smash blocks and objects faster with your mallet. This is especially useful when you need castle or marble blocks that require multiple hits to break.

Food recipes (Hunger / HP) that give you the Destruction Up perk include:

  • Mushrooms on stick (20/10)

  • Spectacular mushrooms on a stick (30/10)

  • Flavorier Turf ‘N’ Truff (50/15)

  • The tastiest Turf ‘N’ Truff (60/15)

  • Mushroom Soup (30/15)

  • Fungoulash (55/10)

Increased swimming speed

Swimming in Dragon Quest Builders 2

It can be difficult to navigate your way through the water, especially when you find you’ve gone too far and a monster is now preparing to kill you. Fortunately, there are a few food recipes that can help you when you’re in a hurry by increasing your swimming speed.

The food recipes (Hunger / HP) that will increase your swimming speed are as follows:

  • Meunière fish (35/10)

  • Fish and Chips (30/15)

Immunity to paralysis

Scorpion in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Some monsters can cripple you if they hit you, but some food recipes can prevent this side effect. Paralysis gives monsters a chance to beat you while you’re down, and now they won’t have a chance to take advantage of you.

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Here are the food recipes (Hunger / HP) that prevent paralysis:

  • Full Moon Gunger Fine Bread (25/20)

  • Full Moon Pistol Bread (15/20)

Sleep immunity

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Sleep

If you’ve ever been hit by a cloud spat out by a monster and fallen into a deep sleep, then this is the food recipe you should be making. There might only be one you can cook up, but that will prevent that from happening so that you never get knocked down in the middle of a fight again.

The food recipes (Hunger / HP) that grant you Sleep Immunity are as follows:

  • Awakening Cannonbread (15/20)

Poison immunity

Spoilspores in Dragon Quest Builders 2

It’s easy to get poisoned in Dragon Quest Builders 2, especially late in the game. There are a few food recipes that can help cure this disease when you catch it, as well as keep you from being poisoned in the first place, like when trying to meet Lulu’s demands.

Here are the two food recipes (Hunger / HP) that grant you immunity to poisons:

  • Immunity Cannon Bread (15/20)

  • Good Immunity Cannon Bread (25/20)

Immunity to confusion

Monster battle in Dragon Quest Builders 2

There are two food recipes that will give you Confusion Immunity, preventing monsters from shuffling your controls. When you are confused, it will turn right to left and back and forth, but this food will make sure that does not happen.

Food recipes that grant you immunity from confusion are as follows:

  • Clarity Cannon Bread (15/20)

  • Hot Milk (5/15)

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