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Food advice The reason behind the glasses that clink glasses and say well done while drinking

Why says cheers while drinking: It is impossible to decorate the gathering of friends and not spill the jam. Often people are happy or don’t forget to spill gum jam at all. Meanwhile, everyone at the gathering together say “Cheers” to each other after hitting the jam before having a drink. You must have done this at some point as well.

Applying alcohol to the lips without “cheering” at the gathering is as incomplete as saying hello to no before striking up a conversation on the phone. The tradition of hitting jam with jam has been going on for centuries, but do you know why it is called that. Today we are going to tell you how this word originated, where and why it clashes with jam.

,Where does the word “cheers” come from?

The word acclamations is derived from ‘Chiere’. It’s a French word. It means ‘face or head’. In ancient times, talking about tears was a sign of eagerness and encouragement. Cheers are a great way to express your joy and celebrate. It means the good times have started now.

Here are some special concepts

We all know that we have five senses. Eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin that work in their own way. While drinking alcohol, only four of our senses work, such as seeing the drink with the eyes, smelling its taste with the tongue while drinking, smelling the aroma or aroma of the drink through the nose. In this whole process of drinking, only one sense is not used and that is the ear. Cheers are called to make up for this lack and the jams jostle for the pleasure of the ears. It is believed that drinking in this way uses the five senses and the feeling of drinking alcohol becomes even more pleasant.

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