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How to unlock every 4 star food recipe

Like most other games of this type, Genshin Impact relies on a variety of items to allow players to heal their characters. From their roster of healers to the characters’ special abilities, there are plenty of systems in place to help players avoid unnecessary damage. However, the most basic form of healing is still food that can be prepared in the game.

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Cooking recipes in Genshin Impact range from one-star recipes that cure little to more complicated five-star dishes with optimal performance. Still, some of Teyvat’s most proven foods come from four-star recipes that balance performance and profitability.



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In general, cooking recipes in Genshin Impact can be divided into four distinct categories: health, offense, defense and stamina. Starting with dishes that improve health, these foods will benefit the player either by reviving a downed character or by healing a fixed amount of health / healing over a period of time. Attack and Defense dishes work the same in their respective areas, improving stats either generally or in specific areas (like physical damage and shield quality.) On the other hand, Endurance dishes do not focus on combat, reducing consumption or increasing stamina by a specified amount.

Currently, there are no four star recipes that target health and stamina improvement in Genshin Impact. However, with at least four additional regions, players can expect to see the release of four-star revenue in those regions in the future. For now, however, Genshin Impact players will have to look to three star or less revenue for this type of service.

Butter crab

inazuma impact genshin reputation quest menu

  • Category: DEF boosting dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Butter, 4 Crab, 2 Sea Grass, 1 Matsutake

Each region of Genshin Impact has a reputation ranking system that tracks the player’s progress in exploring the nation. Likewise, each reputation system has an exclusive recipe at Rank 7, and for Inazuma that recipe is Butter Crab.

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Crab in Butter is technically classified as a defense boosting dish, however, it has a unique peculiarity to its use. The dish increases a team’s defense stats by a set amount and also has the interesting effect of increasing healing effects by a percentage. In this way, it acts as an intermediary between healing and defense, perfect for delaying healers who are not fully built.

Chicken and Tofu Pudding

genshin impact chicken and tofu pudding recipe

  • Category: ATK stimulating dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 poultry, 2 hams, 2 bird eggs, 1 snapdragon

From time to time in Genshin Impact, players will receive rewards from quest rewards outside of mora and primogems. For the quest of the world, A dish beyond Mortal Ken, the player receives the recipe for the chicken and tofu pudding.

Chicken Tofu Pudding is a fairly basic offensive dish, increasing attack by a fixed amount and crit rating by 8%. This makes it a perfect dish for characters with high critical damage, but low crit rate.

Chili and Minced Corn Buns

Genshin impact chili cornbread buns food recipe

  • Category: DEF boosting dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Raw Meats, 2 Jueyun Peppers, 3 Flours, 2 Cabbage

Some dishes can only be obtained through limited-time events in Genshin Impact. The recipe for Thin-Chili Cornbread Buns, unfortunately, can only be obtained during the Moonlight Merriment event in version 2.1. It will no longer be available until the event recurs if it does.

For Genshin Impact For players who have had the opportunity to obtain the recipe, the Thin-Chili Cornbread Buns make a great defensive dish. Four Star Food increases shield strength by 30%, as well as general defense by a fixed amount. This makes it a good booster for teams with shield users.

Golden crab

peoplehin impact gold crab food recipe

  • Category: DEF boosting dishes
  • Ingredients: 5 bird eggs, 5 flour, 4 crab, 2 salt

Golden crab is one of the most common four star food recipes in Genshin Impact. Defensive dish, the recipe can be obtained by several ways: during the quest of Mona’s story, bought at the Xinyue Kiosk, or during the quest Urgent deadlines.

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Golden Crab is a very effective defense booster, increasing base defense and healing effects by 8%. As such, the dish makes a good, easy-to-obtain recipe for increasing overall defense.

Golden Fried Chicken

genshin impact golden fried chicken recipe

  • Category: ATK stimulating dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 poultry, 4 butter, 3 pepper, 2 flour

Genshin Impact is no stranger to crossover events, as with Horizon Zero Aloy, himself during Honkai Impact 3rd Fischl event, and of course, with KFC. While Genshin Impact Together with KFC, Golden Fried Chicken was offered as a limited-time recipe, so players will no longer be able to obtain it.

Golden Fried Chicken has boosters similar to Golden Crab, increasing base attack and healing effects by 8%. As such, Golden Fried Chicken is a good general offensive booster.

Jade package

genshin impact jade parcel food recipe

  • Category: ATK stimulating dishes
  • Ingredients: 3 lotus heads, 2 jueyun peppers, 2 cabbage, 1 ham

One of the first Liyue characters to be introduced in Genshin Impact, Xiangling’s competitive quest in Springvale presented many players with their first four-star recipe. Jade Packages can be obtained by completing Xiangling’s quest in Springvale.

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The four star recipe is a good offensive booster. Jade Packages increase Attack by a fixed base amount, as well as Critical Rating by 8%.

Moon pie

Genshin impact moon pie recipe

  • Category: DEF boosting dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Raw Meats, 4 Bird Eggs, 3 Butters, 2 Flours

In the Mondstadt reputation system, Moon Pie recipe can be obtained at rank 7. Since Mondstadt is the first region for players of Genshin Impact to visit, Moon Pie will often be the first reputation recipe to obtain.

Using some of the easiest-to-find ingredients for a four-star food recipe, Moon Pie may be the most cost-effective defense-building dish in the world. Genshin Impact. Moon Pie increases a team’s shield strength by 30%, as well as base defense by a fixed amount.

Stormcrest Pie

More Genshin Impact characters have a chance to create a specialty dish. However, only one character can create a special dish when preparing a four star recipe. While preparing Moon Pie, Eula has the option of creating a specialty dish called Stormcrest Pie.

For Genshin Impact players who have Eula, they may consider doing Moon Pie more often than other defense building recipes. If their Eula rewards them with a Stormcrest Pie, the Four Star Food will provide a much higher defense boost; Stormcrest Pie offers a 40% shield strength increase instead of the normal 30% increase.

Sashimi Plate

genshin impact xiangling guoba gourmet supremos inazuma

  • Category: ATK stimulating dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 fish, 4 shrimp meat, 4 crabs, 2 radishes

The sashimi platter is an iconic dish of Inazuma that players can obtain early in the history of the region. Players will receive the dish as a reward for completing the quest Le Gourmet Supremos: The importance of eating well in the town of Inazuma.


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That said, the sashimi platter may not be the most economical dish to make in Genshin Impact, as it requires a mixture of fish, shrimp, and crab (which can sometimes be difficult to obtain.) Nonetheless, players who cook the dish will be rewarded out of court for their efforts, with the recipe increasing the crit rate by 8% and attack by a considerable amount.

Tianshu Meat

genshin impact tianshu meat food recipe

  • Category: ATK stimulating dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 raw meats, 2 sugars, 1 Qingxin, 1 Matsutake

Tianshu’s Meat Recipe is the Reputation Award for Genshin Impact players who manage to reach Rank 7 in Liyue. Previously sold by Licai for 12,000 moras, players will find this four-star recipe to be a boon for their in-game wallets.

It’s easy to see why the dish is so expensive (besides being delicious.) Genshin Impact, especially to physical DPS characters who benefit from its 30% increase in physical damage and 8% increase in critical rate.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5.

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