Food tips

Jamie Oliver is back with some fantastic Christmas food tips!


3 December 2021, 11:48

The Celebrity Chef offers Chris Moyles and the team tips on gravy, mash and more.

Yes Jamie olivier is in the studio with The Chris Moyles Show team, you can be sure that Christmas is just around the corner.

In what is now a Radio X tradition, the chef is there to answer your questions to get the most out of your Christmas dishes. Here’s what Jamie has to say …

Does Jamie have a tip for a good, quick gravy?

“There’s no tip for a good, quick sauce, because it’s called an Oxo cube,” says Jamie, not without reason. “When this turkey comes off the pan and sits for at least an hour, you skim off the excess fat, then you add the flour and you add the broth.” Here is!

What’s a great Christmas breakfast idea?

Jamie says, “I always like really good eggs, they’re really quick, like good scrambled eggs.” I like to nod to our Mexican brothers and sisters, so the tortillas, flatbreads are ready to reheat in seconds. works with smoked salmon and pieces like that, little pieces of salsa-y, cold sauce.

“At the same time, I always have backup because I have children and they all have preferences, I always make waffle mixes: a cup of self-rising flour, a cup of milk and an egg. A pinch of salt . Do it in the fridge the night before and you can make waffles or pancakes. You can still do it with sweet things or stuff like smoked salmon. “

How to create a nice creamy puree without using dairy products?

Jamie says, “It’s pretty easy. Get yourself some extra virgin olive oil. It’s season now, so new season olive oil. You get what you pay for – c ‘is around £ 10 a bottle, but it will last for months.

“Get yourself some good Maris Pipers: boil them in salted boiling water, mash them like you always do, but just give them olive oil.”

“If you’re trying to make it really, really tasty, you can try mixing it with a celeriac – they’re in every supermarket, people walk past them all the time. Go 50/50!”

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