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Mrs Hinch shares delicious and super healthy baby food recipe for her son Ronnie


Everyone’s favorite homebody, Ms Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, has posted her recipe for a healthy lunch for baby Ronnie.

Taking to Instagram, the social media cleaning star shared how she cooks a nutritious meal in a series of videos. She first introduced her ingredients which were: 50 grams of red lentils, 60 grams of carrot, 4 tablespoons of reserved water and 1 teaspoon of curry powder.

She then added the lentils and finely chopped carrots to the water and cooked it on the baking sheet after adding the curry powder. The star then drained, before adding the reserved four teaspoons of water.

Ms Hinch showed her 3.3 million followers how to prepare food

Then Ms. Hinch put half of a cooked sweet potato in the pot with two tablespoons of milk and crushed it directly.

The result was a delicious baby porridge or curry that would undoubtedly taste savory for an adult palette.

With the other half of the baked potato, the social media influencer then mashed it with finely chopped spring onion, which looked amazing.

When finished, the cleaning expert gave the meal of vegetarian curry and mashed scallions to 10-month-old Ronnie, who made quite a mess, which she showed her 3.3 million followers. .

The meal looked delicious and nutritious

Ronnie certainly seemed to enjoy his food!

She captioned the image of the smiling toddler in his high chair, who had food on his face and hands, writing, “I spoon Ronnie his curry and he eats the mash himself with it. his hands!”

Ronnie is clearly very lucky to have Ms. Hinch as a mother and there has been recent speculation that she could give him a sibling. However, the star responded to the allegation on Instagram, writing, “A few messages asking if I’m pregnant,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Dispelling hope she had a bun in the oven, she added, “No guys, I was just wearing the same dress I wore yesterday because it’s so comfy but I’ve changed now”, followed by ‘a laughing emoji.

She continued, “sorry, I’m not having another baby yet,” followed by another laughing emoji and two kisses. [sic]


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