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Nando’s Launches “Great Imitator” Peri Peri Chicken Style Hamburger Without Meat or Dairy

Nando’s today launched a meat- and dairy-free version of its burgers and chicken sandwiches – although strictly speaking, it can’t call its vegan “big imitator”.

Great Imitator Peri-Peri-Infused Pea Protein launches in Nando restaurants across the UK on Tuesday, October 13.

The plant-based chicken alternative – served in four strips – comes in hamburger, pittas, and wraps and will go “face to face with our classic chicken burger,” says Nando’s.

Nando’s adds: “And we didn’t call him the great imitator for nothing. This plant-based alternative tastes so much like our famous PERi-PERi chicken, even the biggest Nando fan will have a hard time telling the difference. . “

As with chicken, customers will be able to order the Great Imitator with any level of spice of their choice, while replacing mayo or yogurt with vegan Perinese makes for an all-plant meal.

But, strictly speaking, Nando’s cannot call the Great Imitator “vegan,” as there is a risk of cross-contamination with real chicken cooked on its grills.

PETA Director of Vegan Corporate Projects Dawn Carr said, “PETA is thrilled to have played a part in Nando’s journey to put this delicious plant-based chicken on the table.

“Nando’s cannot guarantee zero risk of cross-contamination, so it’s not about calling it vegan, but since all the ingredients in the hamburger and pitta versions are completely animal-free – right down to the mayonnaise – we say that it’s a great choice for vegans, vegetarians, meat reducers and chickens. “

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