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REVIEW | What are the best vegan chicken nuggets?

The epitome of comfort food, chicken nugget is a staple of many childhoods. But with the explosion of meat reduction and the rise of veganism, many don’t want to give up on this beige treat.

So we put them to the test to find out which vegan nuggets can really stand up to its meaty alternative.

The Vegetarian Butcher Little Peckers

We have so much to thank Europe. Most of the nuggets on this list were imported from Europe, where the vegan movement is booming.

The hilariously named The Vegetarian Butcher, Netherlands-based Little Peckers are a well-chilled nugget option for a quick pan-frying dinner. The taste is correct, the texture is crunchy. No complaints here.

Price: £ 3.30

Rating: 4/5

Squeaky Bean Nuggets

So, I was expecting something revolutionary from this eye-catching packaging. Unfortunately, Squeaky Bean didn’t come up with a game-changing concept (you get it? Because of the Game Changers documentary).

It is a nugget, made from soy. No beans. Don’t be fooled by the name. It cooks pretty well, but hits the shelves late and doesn’t have enough seasoning for my taste.

Price: £ 2.50

Rating: 3/5

Fry’s Chicken Nuggets

I’d like to start by acknowledging how many of them come in a pack. Loads! Enough for multiple servings, which is more than what can be said for new neighborhood rivals like Meat or Squeaky Bean – which I both smashed in one sitting. It costs the same as its rivals too.

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These stalwarts of the vegan nugget game have been my longtime favorites, and they’re still a great option. If I had to make one criticism, it would be that I prefer a breaded coating rather than breaded on my nuggets.

Price: £ 2.50

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Gardein Crispy Fillets

Not even a nugget but a band. With a little seasoning, it could rival a mini KFC tenderloin, minus the texture of a real whole chicken breast. In fact, a lot of them are saved by the fact that OG Chicken Nuggets are made with minced chicken and, frankly, not that much.

Although they look and taste like junk food, the claim of the seven grains was a marketing stroke of genius. Now, I feel like I made the healthy choice. A bit expensive though.

Price: £ 4.50

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Like meat Like nuggets

I was so excited when they arrived in UK. I was a big fan of them when I first tried them in Germany and they don’t disappoint. As the name suggests, they look a lot like meat, but not. You can not be wrong.

They have the battered coating that I love. But since they’re refrigerated, you kind of have to plan to eat them. And I rarely plan a nugget dinner, nugget dinner happens to me.

Price: £ 3

Rating: 4/5

Quorn vegan nuggets

While Quorn’s vegetarian (egg-containing) nuggets are almost indistinguishable from a McNugget, the brand has really upped their vegan game. In addition to Crunchy Nuggets, which are a great standard alternative to have on standby in the freezer, it now also offers Tex Mex flavored nuggets.

It’s the popcorn chicken alternative that I’ve always wanted and needed in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for the flavor and seasoning.

Price: £ 2.50 for Crunchy Nuggets, £ 3 for Tex Mex Nuggets

Rating: 5/5

Organic Soy Nuggets and Tofu Sojade

This nugget (French made) fully supports the stereotype that France has not embraced vegetarianism or veganism. Before trying this nugget, I thought it was impossible not to go wrong with a chicken nugget. But this is it. This is quite the wrong texture. When you bite into it and look inside, it’s the wrong color.

It does contain organic soy and tofu though, so I guess that counts for something. It even contains some veg, so maybe try giving it to kids who don’t know better?

Price: £ 3.25

Rating: 1/5

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