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Rujuta Diwekar sheds light on three dietary tips for Ramzan

If you make the right food choices, fasting can be easier

Ramzan is one of the most important months for Muslims around the world. People fast, pray and participate in many charitable activities during this month. They rise early for their pre-dawn meal known as sehri and break their fast with iftar in the evening. Having two meals at such a long interval could harm your health. However, if you make the right food choices, the task becomes easier. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has shared three dietary tips that can help those who fast during Ramzan stay healthy.

Here are Rujuta Diwekar’s suggestions:

1) Fasting over a period of a month can become exhausting. However, the foods you eat play an important role in keeping you active and healthy. Rujuta suggested that you should finish your morning meal – sehri – with milk or a fresh fruit milkshake. She went on to say that milk has a high hydration index and it also wards off thirst. Fruits are easy to digest, nutritious and healthy. They also help prevent bloating and constipation.

2) The nutritionist advises having curd and dates while you break the fast. It is a classic traditional combination to keep the body cool and avoid overeating. She suggested that you could either put the curd with dates or eat a date first, followed by the curd.

3) Rujuta said that if you lack energy or feel constipated, you can finish the evening meal with an aliv ladoo or jaggery and ghee or a banana at the beginning of week 2. Aliv ladoo is a very nutritious super food.

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When you fast throughout Ramzan, in addition to your diet, your sleep pattern also changes. As a result, the body’s biological clock undergoes a number of physical and mental changes. Fasting causes the body to slow down its metabolism in order to use energy as efficiently as possible in times of dehydration and hunger.

So, keep these tips from Rujuta Diwekar in mind as you fast and stay healthy and nourished.

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