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5 superfoods to keep hypertension at bay

Dietary advice: Hypertension is one of the most common lifestyle diseases in India. It is often known as the silent killer disease. When the blood pressure reaches a high level, the person is prone to cardiac arrest or stroke.Also Read – Holi Food Recipes: Experiment With These 5 Summer Coolers This Holi With the hectic […]

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How to unlock every 4 star food recipe

[ad_1] Like most other games of this type, Genshin Impact relies on a variety of items to allow players to heal their characters. From their roster of healers to the characters’ special abilities, there are plenty of systems in place to help players avoid unnecessary damage. However, the most basic form of healing is still […]

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Curry crisps? Viral Food Recipe Leaves Desi Twitter With Bad Taste

[ad_1] The lockdown has seen the internet inundated with some of the weirdest food recipes that have made internet users cringe every now and then. From idli chai to dosa topped with pizza, desis have continued to entertain the internet with their particular dining experiences. In another recent example, a Facebook user called “Kolkata Food […]

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A simple guide to the Christmas snack

[ad_1] Santa is always getting cookies, but what about his loyal reindeer? While a carrot on the plate might have been enough for generations, social media obsessed millennial parents have led to an increase in “reindeer food” – usually an oatmeal recipe that is sprinkled on the top. lawn and accompanied by a magic poem […]

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Crock Pot Homemade Beef and Rice Dog Food Recipe (Video)

[ad_1] Mingesting your own dog food can be time consuming. There is prep work, like chopping vegetables, and some recipes take over an hour to cook. You cannot serve it to your dog when it is very hot, so you also have to wait for it to cool down. Have you considered using a slow […]

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Delicious Baby Food Recipe: Easy-To-Cook Carrot Fries

[ad_1] These easy-to-cook carrot fries are my favorite type of side dish: they’re easy to make – just slice them up – they cook in about 20 minutes, and there’s no need to stir or stir. ‘maintain. Oh, and they’re totally delicious. Older babies and toddlers tend to like roasted vegetables because their natural sugars […]