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Valheim – Every food recipe


Eat in Valheim is as important as it is in real life, so having plenty of food recipes available can be vital to your progress in the game. Eating various meals allows you to obtain different buffs, some of which are very important like increasing your gauge. endurance and health. They completely change the way you explore, so having food for every occasion on hand is highly recommended. Below I’m going to list all of the recipes that are currently in the game (or at least all that have been found so far), so go ahead and write them down for future reference.

All cooking recipes in Valheim


Blood sausage

  • x2 Thistle
  • x2 Blood bag
  • x4 Barley flour

carrot soup

Cooked Lox Meat

Cooked Snake Meat

Cooked meat

Cooked fish

  • Cook any fish on the cooking rack

Fish wraps

  • x2 Cooked Fish
  • x4 Barley flour

Grilled neck tail


  • x8 Raspberries
  • x8 Blueberries

Lox Meat Pie

  • x2 cloudberry
  • x2 Cooked Lox Meat
  • x4 Barley flour

Snake Stew

  • x1 Mushroom
  • x1 Cooked Snake Meat
  • x2 Honey


  • x2 Bowels
  • x1 Raw meat
  • x4 Thistle

Queen jam

  • x8 Raspberries
  • x8 Blueberries

Turnip stew

There you go, you can cook each recipe right away, as long as you have the necessary materials. If you happen to find another recipe in the game, which has not yet been discovered, please feel free to comment on this guide so that we can update it immediately.

Valheim is now available via Steam Early Access.


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